North Carolina
Sacred Harp Convention

Our 2018 annual convention will be held on
Saturday, March 3, and possibly on
the following Sunday, March 4.

We sing from both Sacred Harp and Shenandoah Harmony. Our convention is free and open to the public. Both singers and nonsingers are welcome.

In 2017 we held a two-day convention, on March 4 & 5. For many years before 2017 we had fallen back to a one-day, Saturday-only convention, because of the workload of a two-day convention which falls upon local volunteers. But for 2017 at least we found new energy for a two-day convention.

It remains to be decided if we will continue with a two-day convention in 2018. Check back here to learn our decision as the date of the convention approaches, that is late in 2017 or early in 2018.